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" You've got to create a dream. You've got to uphold the dream. If you
can't, then bugger it.Go back to the factory, or go back to the desk." - Eric

Monday, December 28, 2009

Rapunzel from Jetta's Nest

It's a bit to late (what am I still doing on the computer at this time of night?) I know, but I had to share this beautiful find from Jetta's Nest, another wonderful BrisStyle gal.

Isn't she beautiful?

Well done Jetta

Sunday, December 27, 2009

And that's that.....Roll on the New Year

Wow! What a Christmas!
Had chrissie at my place for the first time, catered it myself and I must say it went down well. Fab queensland seafood, champagne sorbet, home cooked turkey, christams pud...did the lot. Had to drag out an extra fan as it rained in the morning and it was really steamy by lunch, but a quick dip in the pool later topped off a splendid Aussie Christmas.

Absolutely crashed the next day. I think I slept thru' most of Boxing day- he, he. But I'm back in the land of the living and raring to go. I'm busy photographing my new items and trying to get them organised so I can add them to my new shop's launch in January.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, blessings to all and have a safe and happy New Year.

Hugs, Jacqui

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Latest Lust-Haves

Now I've managed to write my first post after a loooooooong break, the muse has struck and I'm off again. This post has been inspired by Natalia from 'Realisation Creations & her 'Wish List Wednesday' 'cos there's nothing I like more than wandering thru' Etsy and taking a peep at all the gorgeous things people have made and making a list of them- some I can afford & hope to get, others stunningly beautiful but a little out of my budget. It never ceases to amaze me how creative folks can be. So today, I'm gonna share with you a little selection of some of the amazing goodies I've found.....

'Unforgettable Moments' by Artisan Impact

Ghosts Of Manderly II by Stilettoheights

Thousand Petal Vase by WhiteEarthStudio

JOSEPHINE - Ruffled Scarf Knitting Mohair by Silvia66

I'm baaaack!


So I'm gonna try this again. I've been away for a bit, you know, a e-vacation. Actually. It's been mostly al work and very little play. It's hard keeping a blog, trying to update regularly. That's why I admire people who do and especialy those who can keep a diary. I'd like to be like those wonderful, fine ladies, you know the ones...from the 18th or 19th century who kept the most amazing daily journals. Alas! I don't have the application. Not even for a basic Briget Jone's style diary. I'm far to fagged by the end of the day to write about it.

That's why I've been looking forward to my litle Chrissie break. I might get time to update blog. So "Voila!". My first post in nearly a year. I'm exhausted now, gonna have a lie down :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bellabjoux Re-born!

Welcome to the new look Bellabjoux- yes, there's a slight difference in the spelling. I decided to revamp by Etsy shop. Djush it up with a spanking new banner courtesy of ArteMagica. However, I could not use my original name (sob), because it had been taken has been born!
I'm thrilled with the new look and have also gussied up my blog to match. What do you think?

It took quite a bit of thought & soul searching to do such a radical makeover because I'd really got attached to my old banner and shop, but after the last BrisStyle markets I realised I needed to ramp things up. Many of the other BrisStylettes had got some sleek and sassy stalls just popping with colour. I hadn't changed my format for nearly two years and I think it was beginning to tell. So, after a bit of moping & sighing and a little bit of feeling sorry for myself, I took the plunge and got some work done- he he.

The result is 'Bellabjoux' which will be re-launching on Jan 4th 2010- after I have recovered from see you there!